Preservation of genetic materials

Embryo transfer process by using the OPU technique

OPU(Ovum pick up) : a technique to collect oocytes from ovaries of alive animals without hormone treatment by using ultrasound Unlike ovaries collected from slaughter house, it is possible to supply oocytes continuously from superior cows that increase the application of superior oocytes.

  • 01

    Selection of donor cows

  • 02

    Collection of oocytes from ovary by OPU

  • 03

    Selection of collected oocytes

  • 04

    In vitro fertilization

  • 05

    Production of superior blastocysts

  • 06

    Embryo transfer / Cryopreservation of embryos

  • Embryo production using superior donor cows and breeding bulls of which the ability have been confirmed
  • It is possible to use both maternal and paternal superior genetic materials of donor cows and breeding bulls unlike the traditional breeding method which has used only frozen semen.
  • Superior embryos can be produced and supplied continuously from selected alive donor cows using OPU
  • The efficiency of embryo transfer can be improved by the low temperature preservation or vitrification methods.