Disease model animals

Alzheimer's disease

An animal model to study Alzheimer’s disease

the most common degenerative neurological disease with worsening memory and cognitive function

Parkinson’s disease

An animal model to study Parkinson’s disease

The second common degenerative neurological disease which affects dopaminergic neuron and reduce the amount of dopamine in brain. The symptoms include shaking, rigidity, slowness of movement and difficulty with walking, and those come slowly. Dogs and cats are the only animals which develop Parkinson’s disease.

  • Flexed posture of the transgenic dog, Rigid and contracted legs

  • Unable to ease of movement in knuckling test

  • Normal dog’s brain (MRI)

  • Abnormal brain of Parkinson’s disease model dog

Neurodegenerative disease

An animal model to study neurodegenerative disease

Mediclone produces neurodegenerative disease model animals. There are many global biomedical companies to develop new medicines of neurological diseases competitively. However, it is difficult to enter clinical trials from pre-clinical researches because of the lack of medium/large disease model animals to test new drugs in pre-clinical trials. Dogs have many similarity to human such as lifespan, body organs, and the number of genetic diseases. Moreover dogs are possible to test cognitive and motor ability that makes dogs more attractive as a neurodegenerative disease animal model compared to the mice which have been used as a disease model animal in many researches and have many limitations to be used in pre-clinical researches.

Customized model

An customized disease model animal

To test the efficacy of new drugs by using customized animal disease models such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer or etc.