Greeting! I am Kim, Min Gyu, the CEO of MK biotech.

MK biotech  is a leading bio-tech company to research disease model animals and transgenic animals to produce useful proteins as a new medicine for improving the life quality and longevity of human

MK biotech aims to overcome intractable diseases through the production of disease model animals to search and test therapeutical treatments and transgenic cloned animals to develop new drugs of degenerative diseases which have been a problematic issue in the aging society.

The key technologies in MK biotech have been recognized by the development of degenerative disease model animals and transgenic cloned animals to produce a therapeutic antibody of rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, MK biotech has been tried to fulfill the social obligation as a biotechnology company by providing cloned dogs such as drug detection dogs and police dogs (K-9).

MK biotech pursues to fulfill the dream of advanced biotechnology which is to lead the development of scientific technology and improvement of human well-being.

CEO 김민규

Profile of CEO

  • Produced the first cloned dog, SNUPPY in Veterinary medicine at Seoul National University
  • Produced Parkinson’s disease model dogs at 2013 (patented and published in the peer reviewed research journal)
  • Produced Alzheimer disease model dogs at 2013 (applied for patent)
  • Developed the transgenic cloned pig at 2013 which contains the gene to produce therapeutic protein of rheumatoid arthritis
  • Cloning, transgenic animals and stem cell researches are in process
  • A expert committee member of national CMO
  • A science and technology committee member of Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Academic society

  • A director of The Korean Society of Embryo Transfer
  • A board of Korea society of animal reproduction
  • A member of International Embryo Transfer Society (IETS) and American Society for the study of reproduction (SSR)
  • A member of WCRB (World Congress of Reproductive Biology)