Main title : A leading biotechnology company in the 21st century

“MK biotech” aims to develop basic/applicable technologies for human happiness and harmonious development of technologies. The technologies of MK biotech will secure the core technology which will lead the Bio-Tech era in the 21st century. The core technology of Mediclone will contribute to the national core industry’s growth to increase the national economic value and achieve the dream of human happiness and longevity.
The biotechnology of “MK biotech ” pursue to achieve human happiness and aims to develop the prosperous technology which is in harmony of the biotechnology and global environment for human.

    Development of the best biotechnology in the world
    to achieve the dream of human
    To secure the fundamental biotechnology and creation of values
    to contribute the growth for the national economy


  • Name

    MK biotech 

  • Date of incorporation

    June, 2017

  • CEO

    Kim, Min-Gyu

  • Company address

    Rm 201, 282-10, Munji-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 34050, Rep. of KOREA

  • Main research fields

    Stem cells, animal cloning, embryo transfer